S760 Freeware CDRom

S760 Freeware CDRom is a freeware Roland S7xx format CDROM.

After released some S760 floppy disk images as freeware, I decided to give more sound by using a CDRom. I made all theses sounds.
All the samples from this CDRom are freeware but if you like it (or have any comments), just let me know ;).
To use it, just burn on a CDRom (Nero works fine) and load on the S760.

This CDRom incude :
- 10 volumes
- 93 patches
- 562 samples (636.8 sc)

Download the CDRom image (40 Mo Zip file)

history :
- 18/02/2007 : First release (7 volumes, 62 patches, 228 samples (309.2 sc))
- 02/09/2007 : Version 2. Add : GH:NoteGraphica, SW8:SuperWave P8, DRC:Drumatic volumes and 5 patches in the K4 :Kawai K4 volume.(10 volumes, 93 patches, 562 samples (636.8 sc))

The CD-Rom is divided by volumes :

NameNb PatchesSize
K4 :Kawai K41278,7
U20:Roland U220118
ABS:Analog Bass1321,6
HS5:Yamaha HS5192,2
VL :Yamaha PLGVL932
SW8:SuperWave P8545,8

Detail :

K4 :Kawai K4

The Kawai K4 is a digital vintage synthesiser. It was one of the first 16bits PCM synth with (aggressive) digitals filters. I bought my K4R in 2006.
Here is some samples I made by direct plug it on the S760.

My K4R

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
K4-Drum Kit MonoDrum Kit18,36158
K4-Brass1 MonoSynth Brass6,622
K4-AutumnSet MonoSynth5,122
K4-AnaStr MonoSynth String1,611
K4-BigCity MonoSynth211
K4-FunkPulse MonoSynth Bass3,922
K4-AcGtr2 MonoSynth Bass1,211
Bleu EyesStereoPad4,612
Bleu Eyes 2StereoPad6,612
Bleu Eyes 3StereoPad11,214
Dble HelixStereoBass5,626

U20:Roland U220

More than 10 years ago, a friend lent me a Roland U220 expender and I sampled sounds ans the drum kit.
The Roland U220 is a 16bits digital expender: a sound box.
I can’t remember how the samples was made (effect or no ?) and the kit seems to not be complete (4 drums miss: B1 (BDrum1), G6 (Middle Tom 3), G#6 (China Cymbal 2),A6 (High Tom 3)).
The drum kit still interesting: it may be useful.

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
U220-Drm KitMonoDrum Kit183333

ABS:Analog Bass

I played around with the filters of the S760 and made 13 synth bass.
There are based on formant sampled from some old 8bits Amiga samples and looped. The S760 filters do the rest.

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
AnalogBs-1.1MonoSynth Bass111
AnalogBs-1.2MonoSynth Bass111
AnalogBs-1.3MonoSynth Bass111
AnalogBs-2.1MonoSynth Bass0,911
AnalogBs-2.2MonoSynth Bass0,911
AnalogBs-2.3MonoSynth Bass0,911
ZincBass-1.1MonoSynth Bass0,111
ZincBass-1.2MonoSynth Bass0,111
ZincBass-1.3MonoSynth Bass0,111
ZincBass-2.1MonoSynth Bass0,111
ZincBass-2.2MonoSynth Bass0,111
amstrad-1MonoSynth Bass0,111
amstrad-2MonoSynth Bass0,111

HS5:Yamaha HS5

I learn music with a Yamaha Electone HS-5 organ (1987). I sampled the Drum kit and some sounds of this FM style organ because it’s a nice vintage sound (and I’m a bit nostalgic :).
It sounds very cheap!!!

My HS5

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
HS5-Drum KitMonoDrum Kit4,93423
HS5-Vocal 2MonoKey2,911
HS5-SynthB1aMonoSynth Bass111
HS5-SynthB1bMonoSynth Bass0,811
HS5-SynthB1cMonoSynth Bass0,711
HS5-SynthB2aMonoSynth Bass0,511
HS5-SynthB2bMonoSynth Bass111
HS5-SynthB2cMonoSynth Bass0,511
HS5-CombiBa1MonoSynth Bass0,311
HS5-SLeadBasMonoSynth Bass0,911

VL :Yamaha PLGVL

The Yamaha PLG150-VL is an extension board included in my MU100R. It’s a virtual acoustic synthesiser.
It’s very hard to sample this kind of synthesis because most of the interest is in the musical expression. I tried to sample some sounds.

My MU100r

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
MobyStereoSynth String3,412
MacroStereoSynth String1,612


B-Station is a free VST plug-in by Odo Synths. It’s an analogue/soustractive synthesis. Found it on the KVR site.


Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
1 OscStereoSynth Bass0,412
1 Osc 2StereoSynth Bass1,614
1 Osc 3StereoSynth Bass324
Small DriveStereoPad4,612
3 OscStereoPad18,424
Happy PulseStereoPad23,824
Just a BassStereoSynth Bass312


Crystal is a free VST plug-in by Glenn Olander. It’s a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis.
It was hard but fun to sample it. I had to learn about the S760 architecture.


Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
Oyster ShellStereoPad22,914
Dream JungleStereoPad4,214
Beast BellyStereoPad32,214
Siberi NightStereoPad6014


Note Graphica is a free VST plug-in by g200kg. It’s a graphical wavetable software synthesizer.


Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
Power BrassStereoSynth11,412
Power Brass 2StereoSynth11,412

SW8:SuperWave P8

SuperWave P8 is a free VST plug-in by superwave. It’s a great JP8000 simulation.

SuperWave P8

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
Krafty LeadStereoKey13,212
Super PulseStereoKey712
JMJ RDV4StereoSynth String14,412
Pulse ZincStereoSynth0,812
JMJ StringsStereoSynth String10,412


Drumatic is a free Drum synth VST plug-in by e-phonic. There is the defaults drumkit of version 2 and 3 : Sounds vintage !

Drumatic 3

Patch TypeStyleSizeNb PartialsNb Samples
DRC2-DKit01StereoDrum Kit11,2918
DRC2-DKit02StereoDrum Kit8,2918
DRC2-DKit03StereoDrum Kit10,4918
DRC2-DKit04StereoDrum Kit10,8918
DRC2-DKit05StereoDrum Kit11,8918
DRC2-DKit06StereoDrum Kit10,6918
DRC2-DKit07StereoDrum Kit11,8918
DRC2-DKit08StereoDrum Kit10,6918
DRC2-DKit09StereoDrum Kit9,2918
DRC2-DKit10StereoDrum Kit11,8918
DRC2-DKit11StereoDrum Kit11,6918
DRC3-DKit01StereoDrum Kit7,4918
DRC3-DKit02StereoDrum Kit7,4918
DRC3-DKit03StereoDrum Kit8,2918
DRC3-DKit04StereoDrum Kit11918
DRC3-DKit05StereoDrum Kit11,2918
DRC3-DKit06StereoDrum Kit16,2918