Maqiuapi is a commercial Arcade Puzzle game for Sega Dreamcast. It was initially released for the first Dream On contest and finished second. After many improvements, it was edited by Goat Store in 2005.

You can Buy your Maqiupai copy on the Goat Store site or at Lik Sang

Features :

- 2 play mode
- 46 boards
- 11 originals music
- 5 languages
- an Internet Hi-Score challenge

ScreenShots :

Downloads :

A Maqiupai music sample :

Maqiupai - Level 7

And some Maqiupai Theme remix by nesta :

Maqiupai - Motherboard voices by Nesta
Maqiupai - Welcome to level 4 by Nesta

Links :

You can order maqiupai here :

Goat Store site
Lik Sang

Maqiupai on Internet :

Official Game page
Old game page
Moby Games Maqiupai page

Review of the game :

Game Freaks 365 review
Die Hard Gamer Review
French Play-ON tv review (French)
C-Fan Review (French)

Credits :

Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 JMD. All rights reserved
Published by GOAT Store :
code/musics/graphics by JMD,

Thanks to :

- Yan, Dan, Sonja, Noel, Max, Sizius (and Siz' sister), Carine, Severine, Guillaume, Ron for translations
- Dan and Gary at GOAT, Dan Potter, Patbier, L@Cible, Metafox, BlackAura, Ian Micheal, Toastman for help and support.
- Consolevision, Dcemulation, Dcemu, Dcreload, Dc-France, Dream-On contest to keep the Dreamcast alive.
- Jacob Alberty's for the bootstrap replacement, KOS Team, Dev C++ creators

Bisous a karo :)