Fusion Drum Kit Builder

FDKB will help you create graphicaly DRUMS Fusion programs.


- 1.0 / 28/04/2011 : first release


Fusion Drum Kit Builder is Creative Commons (Attribution , No Commercial, No Derivative Works) software.


This software was minimaly tested and you use it at your own risk. Never direct build a program on the Fusion hard drive.


I wrote a little exemple of how to use FDKB (here is the same in french)

how use it

Select a key on the keyboard or in the list than clic on the button ... of sample 1 to choose a sample to affect to this key.
You can choose AFS or WAV samples (only 44.1, 16 bits).
When you defined all keys, enter the bank name (the future sub-folder in the programs and samples folder) and the program name.
To create the fusion programs and samples, click on Build button and choose a destination folder.
Now you just have to transfer the folders to the fusion and 'Verify the items' on the synth.
You can save and load back your work with the dedicated buttons.