Fusion Bank Rename

FBR is a little dos tool wich patch programs & multisamples files to force the banks names.



fbr.exe [Old bank name] [New bank name] [-Option]

Options :
replace [Old bank name] by -ALL to patch all files
set -R as [-Option] to skip subdirectory search


- 1.2 / 05/09/2011 : first public release


Fusion Drum Kit Builder is Creative Commons (Attribution , No Commercial, No Derivative Works) software.


This software was minimaly tested and you use it at your own risk. Never direct build a program on the Fusion hard drive.


You want to mix the 2 banks you download (GEM S2 & K4) on this site in only one.
Download the files and uncompress to a same Volume directory. You may have something like that :

You want to mix these 2 banks in only one, named JMD, just like this :

1 : Create the empty "Volume" directory structure
2 : Copy
all ".afs" files to "Sample" dircetory;
all ".afi" files to "Multisamples" dircetory
and all ".afp" files to "Programs" directory
3 : Copy the fbr file to the "Volume" directory
4 : Open a command shell window and go in the Volume directory

5 : Patch the K4 bank files to rename as JMD with the command line :

5 : Than patch the GENS2 bank files to rename as JMD with the command line :

That's all !!
Notes :
You can force all banks by replace the source bank name withh -ALL
the name of a bank can not exceed 16 characters in length.