About me ...

I’m a 43 years old man living near Toulouse, France.

Since childhood, I have two passions: computers and music. Computing is my job and I unfortunately neglect the music.
Like many fans of my generation, I came to the computer via 8-bits (Amstrad) and 16-bits (Amiga) before resigning myself to buy a PC in 1996 to complete my studies. Later, I found again part of the ‘old school’ passion with the Sega Dreamcast.

Historically, I am a player (my favorite games are : the HOMM series, the Elite series, Shinobi and Bioware’s RPG) and especially collector (you can see my Amstrad games collection on this site).
I also develop games and other tools but my family having grown significantly in recent years, this hobby has unfortunately happened in the background.

My second passion is music and especially the (old) digital synths. Again, I do not have enough time to play. I started composing music on my Amiga (with Startrekker) and composed music for all my games (with my Gem S2). I currently mainly use an Alesis Fusion 6HD.
I also made some freeware tools and sound banks for some of the synths I use (Fusion and S760).

My home studio:

- Roland FA08
- Alesis Fusion 6HD
- GEM S2
- Roland S760 (32Mo + CDRom + harddrive)
- Roland D50
- Kawai K4R
- Korg Wavestation SR
- Boss DR5
- Yamaha MU100R (with rom pbm and without the PLG cards)
- Akai ME80P
- Behringer MX 1604A & RX 1602 Euroracks
- Altec Lansing CS21 as monitor (made for computers so great for my use)

In 2005, after the release of Maqiupai, few internet sites interested about the game and me. The C-FAN - Interview (french) still online.

If you want to contact me, you can send me an email (no spam please)